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Everyone automatically has the inner power as congenital birth. Inner power works as the energy reserves . The reality those energy reserves is far more than the energy we use to perform activities of daily living. Physiological energy derived from chemicals in the body of  ,ATP that can be turned into energy through metabolic processes. The resulting energy is abundant, even the awesome power when mankind is in certain circumstances such as experiencing panic, danger, trance, and even hypnosis. ATP also functions as an energy reserve, for example after a tired work, sports, mind taking a break so tense with will power is restored. The energy generated by ATP in everyday life utilized only approximately 2-5% only and was able to produce the body temperature, metabolism, activates chemicals in the body, functioning digestive tools, activities throughout the nerve, and organ other body. Meanwhile, personnel from 95 to 97.5% is still stored as abundant reserves of energy, hereinafter referred to this  article we mention as “Tenaga dalam” (Inner Power)

Generate Inner Power
With the efforts of breathing exercises (special) vigorously and diligently, we would be smart to manage energy in such as: generating, controlling, and utilizing the energy reserves for various purposes. For example for healing therapy, treatment, self protection, and more mainstream to sustain balance and harmony between the body and soul. The more balanced harmony between the body and soul, hence the use of energy become more effective and efficient. So automatically inner power backup will be more abundant. This means that we have the reverse energy  increasing large and powerful at any time when energy is needed. Therefore, someone at  the higher power  will be perform more calm demeanor. When someone is said to have energy in high-level power and has crude behavior, savage, emotional, to make the damage and confusion, like jealousy and envy, I’m sure it was fake
This theory may explain,  why do emotional person and easy being angry are easy to hit by the inner power? The answer is  because the vibration of emotion (passion) is inversely proportional to the vibration of inner power energy. If there is contiguity between them is like a short circuit occurs (shorted connection) and usually negative vibrations that bounce. The higher levels of emotional, reactionary, unstable soul, its spiritual mentally immature, so conditions will disrupt the balance and harmony between the body and soul, so is the bottleneck for energy in Inner power.  Conversely, someone who is mastered in inner power, that intelligence must always same by a figure that is in harmony and balance between body and soul, had politely ethics, virtues, patience,  calm.

 Dicipline of learning to improve our mind

In a Javanesse spiritual perspective, this could explain the principles on which “white magic” is a true reflection of  the noble in attitude. More often the process through breathing and meditation, to make body and soul more balanced, harmonious, in harmony. Balance that caused a domino effect to cause the growth of tranquility, inner, mental and spiritual. Spiritual/third eyes to see things more clearly and cleanly, positive thinking, and its behavior is consistent with what is in your heart, mind and words. All were obtained after we have succeeded in “laku” (learning diciplines), in this case that harmonize and balance the body and soul consciousness. I say NO people who DO NOT HAVE INNER POWER. That there is inner power on everybody that has been managed or not.
On several occasions, sometimes I do a transfer of energy (energy in), it does not mean I fill the power deep into the body of a person, but I just to adjust “voltage” in thine own power to go up a few levels that could not be measured mathematically, but only we can feel the changing of the “Electric power” . Next you sharpening with breathing, meditation and most importantly if respiratory effort is often practiced in a way; absorb the energy of the elements of mother earth, and of course practicing colleagues to treat the sick. For example my practice to treat yourself, who treat it was not me, but you are the one who treat yourself. My job is just adjust or increase the volume of your backup power. Furthermore, within your own power is automatically concentrated on parts of the body which is sick, because that’s where the energy imbalance occurs, and power principles that have been managed in a flowing throughout the body, searching for places that are not balanced because of illness or injury. And the more often you practice experienced works will increase rapidly in the power of your energy reserves. More higher your inner power, will affect more stable and more balanced your emotions, mental and spiritual. That makes you more wise.  ‘Sekti mondroguna”(mastering ilmu) not learning in instant (black magic or instant ilmu) but depart from the sublime of our manners.
This reminds us of the message from KGPAA Mangkunegoro IV in “Serat Wredhotomo (wredhatama letters)says, Ngelmu iku kalakone kanthi laku. Lekase lawan kas, kas iku tegese nyantosani. Setya budya pangekese dur angkara …Yoiku amemangun karyenak ing tyas sesama. Berbudi bawalekasana. (Ngelmu = difficult to achieve), Learning ilmu could not only a theory, but should be by way of living them in real acts, starting with body  and spirit, to always act for the welfare of the soul and body health. Creating tranquility, calmness, happiness to others, got his soul rose up his body, became personal for the benefit of all beings and the universe, compassion, love, noble attitude, words can be trusted, his promise is always fulfilled.

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Tenaga Dalam  or Inner power is a popular concept in the Malay community  throughout South East Asia particularly Indonesia and Malaysia.
Inner Power in humans is distinguished from external power (which is usually referred to  as the "power" ) in the form of physical exertion such as physical strength of muscle power.
Basically everyone has what is called the inner power, they just do not know how to generate, develop or use it. Inner power  has been around us since our birth, but the power is sleeping passive and  will rise if the person is in a state of panic, sleep walking, hypnotized or tremendous fear. Its a natural reflex of our mind and body when faced with immediate danger to produce high levels of mental and physical power instinctively and sometimes without our knowledge or influence.
Example: A person who is afraid of the dog will have a remarkable ability to elude the dog by running or sprinting faster than he would normally be able to. When pressed by situation, the person can jump over 2 m high wall in a single jump. Excessive fear can generate this  'sleeping' dormant energy in us. Usually our bodies will generate this energy when faced with no choice and immediate danger, Automatically empowering us to do amazing feats just for the purpose of self preserving and surviving and after the danger or task is done it will go back to its dormant state  right about the time we realize that we have done something amazing or superhuman.
The History of Tenaga Dalam

Tenaga Dalam has already been known by the ancient Egyptians In 4000 BC,. In a Papyrus manuscript named  "Yedimesish Ontologia" which was copied from Ancient Gri language, its written that when activated in a certain ways, shoulder muscles and upper body will issue a strange power that can knock down or repel the angry people near us. In particular those who mean us some bodily harm.
 Ancient Egyptians called that science by the name Krachtology from the word "krachtos" meaning power and "logos" meaning science.
From Egypt, Krachtology evolved into Babylon, Greece, Rome and Persia. Such internal power was also known as Dacht in Persia  . Its said that the tribe Bukht from Persia, used the famous  science of fighting or self defense called Dahtuz which enabled them to knock out or knock down the enemy from a distance. 
Persian nobility was trained in using Daht.
 People of Chinese, Tartar, Patan, Moghul descents, know of some martial arts that can knock people from afar. 
Some of the famous Chinese arts that use similar concept are:
Zhan Zhuang, Da Chen Chuan, Wie Kong etc.
The concept of being able to affect other people and objects from a distance has not been unknown to the ancient Chinese and has had the name Lin Kong Jin or the empty hand.
This Science eventually spread from China to Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaya and Indonesia and from there it evolved in multiple streams such as silat Mandar of Sulawesi, East Java Timpung arts and Jurus Setia Prana of West Java.
Since then Tenaga dalam has been a vital part of Pencak Silat martial arts knowledge throughout Malaysian peninsula aside from being used and practiced trough out the world.
Right until recently this knowledge has strictly been reserved for the members of Royal families In China as well as in Malaysia and Indonesia and even Japan and even now in todays free communication world it still remains mystery since only those who show proper mind attitude and the humble spirit will be initiated into the world or energy.

 Methods of training

The inner power in general is activated through special breathing techniques such as: abdominal breathing , chest breathing ,  natural breathing and breath retention .
The movements are taught in a group of respiratory gymnastic exercises.
People have been using Internal Energy for several purposes, including exercise, meditation, martial arts and healing.

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Dari tanggal 27 September  sampai dengan 6 oktober 2013 Perguruan silat kesehatan jurus setia prana di minta untuk bergabung dengan komunitas Cirebon creative dalam suatu acara di Cirebon Super Block ,Mall terbesar dikota Cirebon .
Di sana berkumbul rekan2 dari beberapa komuniitas seperti Bekam,Hipnoterapy ,konsultasi spiritual ,ikat nusantara ,komunitas reptil dan masih banyak lagi,kami bersama rekan2 perguruan menampilkan penyembuhan dengan tenaga prana dengan menggunakan telur ayam sebagai media dalam penyembuhan ,timbul pertanyaan mengapa harus dengan media telur ayam ....? karena telur ayam adalah media yang mudah untuk menyerap dan sekaligus menampung energy negatif yang tersedot kedalamnya,
Dengan menekan atau mentrasfer energy yang kita miliki kedalam telur ayam dan langsung kita tempelkan telur ayam yang suudah berisi energy murni yang kita transfer tadi pada titik-titiksyaraf yang ada di bagian jari kaki maka energy  tadi akan langsung bekerja dan bereaksi pada tubuh si pasien,,apabila terasa panas,sakit pada si pasien maka energy tadi sudah bereaksi mendorong sumbatan2 yang ada pada aliran darah dan mengeluarkannya kembali/tersedot masuk kedalam telur ayam tersebut .
Dari hari pertama sampai hari ke 10 stand kami selalu dibanjiri pengunjum mall yang penasaran ingin mencoba terapy ala setia prana yang menggunakan media telur ayam ,unik memang tapi nyata manfaatnya buat si pasien karena banyak yang terapy ulang karena merasa apayang dideritanya ber angsur sembuh.
Satu hal lagi yang manarik dari pengunjung mall yang mencoba terapy ,telur ayang yang  habis di pergunakan untuk terapy beratnya sudah berbeda dengan berat tulur ayang yang belum digunakan untuk terapy,apabila ada terdapat energy negatif dalam tubuh sipasien maka telur ayam tersebut pecah.
Kamipun diberikan kesempatan untuk sekedar menghibur pengunjunng mall dengan atraksi dari anak2 setia prana di mall terbesar di kota cirebon ramai/padat pengunjung mall yang ikut pula menyaksikan atraksi dari anak2 setia prana .
Alhamdulillah antusias pengunjung yang ingin mencoba terapy sangat banyak bahkan antri menunggu giliran untuk diterapy ......


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